Reading and Writing Celebrations

Ms. Gelson has been sharing lots of the reading and writing activities we have been doing on her book blog: There’s a Book for That. Follow the links to read more!

Have you been to Calef Brown land? It’s right outside our door

Celebration: Calef Brown Land

 Reading and Writing Celebrations Curiosity Racers

Do you want to learn a thing or two about hippos? We have a book for you!

Hippos are Huge!

 Hippos are Huge Reading and Writing Celebrations

Some read alouds are very special.

Celebration: A Big Piece of Sadie

 This is Sadie Reading and Writing Celebrations

We are learning about Endangered Animals. One book taught us a lot.

Reading and Responding: A Boy and a Jaguar

 A Boy and a Jaguar Reading and Writing Celebrations

What can you predict about a story from two pins? Well . . .

Predictions, Book Love and Syrup

Reading and Writing Celebrations

Active Days

Lots of learning is inside the room and lots is outside! How we have enjoyed the beautiful weather as a chance to get outside and be active.

Sports Day and Jump Rope for Heart activities allowed us to celebrate physical activity with the entire school!

 Active Days!  Active Days!  Active Days!  Active Days!  Active Days!  Active Days!  Active Days!  Active Days!

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

This week we transformed into Hip Hop dancers! Our Hip Hop magician? The amazing Kimberly Stevenson from The Happening Dance studio. Here she is with one of our happy dance stars post performance.

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson! Curiosity Racers

Kim was with us all week and we had daily rehearsals – sometimes more than one session a day!

Students chanted dance steps, danced in the halls and were even discovered having some before school rehearsals!

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

Thank you to all of the parents and caregivers who were able to attend our whole school performance on Friday. Our little dancers posed with Kim just before the big show.

Lots of happy!Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

A little bit of silly shakes the nerves off!

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

It’s possible we will be just completely exhausted . . .

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

But no. Boom Boom Ga! We’ve got energy! Hurrah! Look out!

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

Post dance, we were really proud. And full of love for Kim.

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson! Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson! Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson! Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson! Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

We then headed down to the library and watched a little video from Kim’s website and then Ms. S showed us the recording of today’s whole school performance!

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

Hip Hop has lots of attitude. We embraced this.

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

But we mostly just had lots of love for dance and new experiences thanks to Kim!

Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

Thank you Kim! From the Hip Hoppers of Division 3!

Thank you Kim Hip Hop with Kim Stevenson!

IMG_3997“Hip Hop Hop dancing makes me feel fantastic. When I was on stage, I was excited to dance.” Rebecca

“Kim makes dancing 100 x more awesome!” Gracie

“Kim you are a fantastic Hip Hop teacher. You taught me everything I need to know. Keep rocking! I wish I can see you again because you are the most specshal than any other hip hop teacher. Keep hopping. Hop Step Front!” Brian

“Thank you for teaching us. I had fun.” Giovanni

“Kim is amazing because she is funny and fun.” Steven

“Hip Hop dancing makes me feel proud of myself!”

Winnie: The True Story of the Bear that Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh

Our BLG book this week was Winnie: The True Story of the Bear that Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh written by Sally M. Walker and illustrated by Jonathan D. Voss

 Winnie Curiosity Racers Student Reviews

What a relationship between Winnie and Harry Colebourn! It is easily apparent why Winnie made her way into the stories of A.A. Milne for his son Christopher Robin. The real Winnie was some bear.

Student reviewers respond:

Hyo Min rates this book 5/5 and writes: This book gives me so much to write today! I wonder if Christopher Robin went to the London Zoo everyday to see Winnie. I wonder why the bear was for sale. I totally gave it a 5/5 because it was long and when it is long, we get more writing ideas. Is Christopher Robin’s Dad a famous author?

Joeli rates this book 3/5 and writes: I rate this book a three because it’s a biography and because it’s longer. It I was the soldier and if I really wanted to stay with Winnie, I would resign and give my resignation to the officer. I think the picture when the bear was sleeping was really cute. When the bear was crawling into his pants, I think it’s funny.

Soleen rates this book 4/5 and writes: Wow blog readers, I can’t believe that a bear was in an army! Oh, I should catch you up! So there was a bear at a train station and she was for sale. Harry went off the train to see the bear so he bought it for $20.00. He was a vet so he took the bear. They lived in Winnipeg so he named the bear Winnie. He had to travel a lot with the war so he took the bear to the London Zoo.

Kevin rates this book 5/5 and writes: I wonder who won the war. How much did that ship they went on cost? I wonder, is the bear comfortable with the kids riding on her? In the war, how many men and women and horses died? I wonder if they fighted on ships or on land more. My favourite part was when the kids were riding the bear. I noticed that there were more boys than girls.

Rebecca rates this book 5/5 and writes: I wonder if Harry had fun with Winnie. Winnie was a gentle little bear. I would like to visit Winnie.Winnie liked to play with kids and adults. She was a sweet little bear. I am glad that Winnie is happy at the London Zoo. I am surprised at all of the tricks she learned. Peter read us a true story about a bear.

Jerry rates this book 5/5 and writes: I wonder how Harry trained Winnie. I think Harry is really sad because he has the decision to put Winnie in the zoo. Maybe Winnie is really happy at the zoo. But I wonder if maybe she is sad because Harry left her? Maybe Winnie and the horse liked each other. Harry likes Winnie. I wonder how long did Harry take care of Winnie? 

Brian rates this book 4/5 and writes: This is the story of a bear named Winnie. There was a man with a bear and when the train was coming, a little head poked out of a window and saw the bear. When he saw the bear, he thought he was going to buy it. He did and it cost $20 for that bear. When he bought the bear, he took care of her like she was a part of his family. They made both of them happy.

Geocaching Adventures

A highlight of our past few weeks was getting to experience geocaching – an experience introduced to us by Ms. Sheppet, a Vancouver high school teacher who organized a morning of geocaching for us.

The best things? Getting outside of course! Using GPS devices! The thrill of the mystery and the wondering of what we might discover. And perhaps the very best – with devices in hand, children led and adults followed. All of us learning together.

Students had lots to share in their writing after this neighbourhood trip. Their words describe it all best!

Geocaching Adventures Curiosity Racers

From Kevin:

I’m so happy that we went geocaching! We got to use GPS. We found a lot of things. We found a rusted bolt. That was the hardest one. Then we found a rock, a spider, a camouflage box, a normal box and a green thing. There were 4 or 5 groups. My adult was Mr. M. We were a boy group!

From Brian:

Yay! My class is going geocaching! When I get the GPS, the GPS tells me to go right and then left. We finally find the first one. Then it’s my friend’s turn. The GPS tells us to go right and left and we find the second one! My other friend gets a turn. We go go right and left and find the last one. We were the first to find all of them! On the way back to school, we had to find three more. We were the first ones to find them all! We got prizes when we got back to school before we went home.

Geocaching Adventures Curiosity Racers

From Soleen:

I felt so happy as soon as I got in the class. I go so excited when we started walking. I got interested in the GPS. We went on the search and we found one in a tree. We found one under a rock. Then we found a fake rock. When we walked back I really liked the rusty nail. Don’t worry it was a fake! The fake spider scared me. The last one was a box that had stuff in it. I really liked the girl that taught us!

Geocaching Adventures Curiosity Racers

From Ibtihal:

We are going geocaching! It’s my first time. I feel excited. Can’t wait to use the GPS! The GPS is telling me where to go . . . that looks strange. It’s like a flowerpot. I’m going to move it. Hey! Jackpot! I found the notebook! I’m going to show my teachers.

Geocaching Adventures Curiosity Racers

From Grace:

I loved going geocaching because you are not doing most of the work. Your GPS does the work for you. Just follow your GPS. If it’s a really high number like 437, keep going. The closer you get to the geocache, the number goes down and when the number gets to zero, look around that place. That’s where you have to do the work Uhhhhhhhh. . . no, it’s fun! When you find the geocache really there will always be a book in there to sign your name. My favourite geocache was this rusty screw and it opens and there is the book.

Geocaching Adventures Curiosity Racers

From Ava:

We are paired up and head to Maclean Park. We get stuck at a tree for a little while and then the other group finds it in the crack of a tree. I think it’s a pen or a flashlight. The next one we find under a pot thing. The next one we didn’t find. Ms. Sheppet has to find it. Then Soleen finds the next one and screams her head off! The next one – Ms. Sheppet gives us a hint: “It’s rusty.” I find it! It totally blended in.

Geocaching Adventures Curiosity Racers

From Rebecca:

I am so glad there is sun! I got so excited that I got the GPS! At first, I didn’t know how to use it. It was fun that we worked together. I was walking when I saw a flower pot and I said to Ms. Gelson that it looks suspicious. But it was it! Some of it was tricky like the one at the garden near our school. The GPS was tracking things down. It was cool.

Geocaching Adventures Curiosity Racers

Get outside!

The spring weather and lovely sunshine make getting outside everyday for a walk so easy!

Get outside! Curiosity Racers

We call it “Walk and Talk” because we can quite simply, walk and talk together.

Get outside! Curiosity Racers

The routine is simple.

Stay on the sidewalk.

Don’t go around the corner until Ms. Gelson says, “Go!”

You can run, but don’t push when you pass.

Keep your feet moving.

It’s exercise, not a Sunday stroll!

Get outside! Curiosity Racers

Back sooner than others? Do step ups!

Get outside! Curiosity Racers

It’s fitness. But it’s also laughter. And loud. And fun. All just what we need.

Doesn’t everybody?

Get outside! Curiosity Racers

Learning. Community. Connections. A full day. Getting outside makes it that little bit better.

Get outside! Curiosity Racers

Happy walking. And talking.🙂

Camp Read

Camp Read was on Friday and it was a fantastic day of literacy related activities!

Take a picture walk through our day . . .

We started with the magical book Dream Boats written by Dan Bar-el  and illustrated by Kirsti Anne Wakelin. This is a beautiful book to read aloud. It is lyrical and full of gorgeous images.

DreamBoats Celebration: Camp Read  Curiosity Racers

Miriam then led us through some yoga experiences where we got to ride on our own imagined dream boats.

Camp Read  Curiosity Racers Camp Read  Curiosity Racers

We were thrilled to then meet author Dan Bar-el and experience his entertaining and engaging workshop.

Camp Read  Curiosity Racers

And then . . . our wonderful school secretary Sally came in to read to us!


Ms Gelson read us Silence by Lemniscates. A book like this must be followed by some mindful, quiet listening. And then some yoga. We love all of the yoga experiences Miriam treats us to!

Camp Read  Curiosity Racers Camp Read  Curiosity Racers Camp Read  Curiosity Racers

Our afternoon highlight? Buddy reading with our Kindergarten buddies!

Camp Read  Curiosity Racers

Camp Read  Curiosity Racers

Happy Reading to all of you!